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The most boring step is set up the libs in visual studio. In the following i took a ScreenShot of my dependencies settings.


All the Corresponding DLL must be on Path, if not Runtime Exceptions will occur.

One diferent thing is that the DLLs from Physx MUST BE on the same folder that the executable. If not the Physix Loader wont find the dll. 

I SHOULD MAKE a build rule for this, but i did not until now (i have my reasons :) ), so you need to put those Dlls by hand there.

Dependencies List:

  • Xerces 3.1.1
  • Boost 1.46 (can be older)
  • Nvidia Physx 2.8.4 (, need to install the Physx System software and after the SDK. Its boring cause you need to register ...., sometimes you need to install another video board driver .... but worth, PHYSX is really good )
  • DirectX SDK June 2010 (or later)
  • Windows 7 SDK (latest)

Iam using Visual Studio 2008 with Windows 7.

FrameWork Structure

The class function and relations are quite similar to those used in my last project . In few words we have a static class that holds the access to graphic resource (creation, management ...), input and Asset Loading and a ScreenManager that handles the content to be presentend (Screens). See

Every 3D world is a Screen, each screen has an World, each world has lots of objects, each object has a shader, a Mesh and a Physic Object .... See the examples, its not hard at all

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fix the scene loader with collision